Scattered Pearls

Once Rasoolallah (PBUH) was in a forest with his Sahaba (RA), when he started wearing his socks. Rasoolallah (PBUH) had worn one sock, and was about towear the other one, when suddenly a crow came down, snatched the sock, and holding it in its beak, flew away. He went up towards the sky and dropped the sock from a considerable height. The sock fell down with a force, as it touched the ground, out came a snake from it and slid away. Seeing the snake going away, Rasoolallah (PBUH) thanked Allah and said :

“Every muslim should look inside his socks before wearing them”.

The wise, when afflicted by hardships, bear them in two ways. The first is, they remain calm and collected and turn to Allah. The second is, they ponder and reflect on the causes of the difficulties which have befallen them, and how to get out of these situations. The foolish, when in similar circumstances, also bear them in two ways. The first is, they are nervous and shaken, and tell their sorrows to as many people as they can, and the second is that they are in a state of constant fear and apprehensions about their situations worsening instead of improving.So they do nothing to solve their problem.

A person had two sons. He distributed his estate equally between them during his life. After his death, a tree grew up right on the border which seperated the lands of the two brothers.Now the brothers started to fight on the tree. One said it was his, and the other said it belonged to him. When the matter could not be solved, they decided to go to the court and file a suit. The law suit went on for years, during this period they had to sell some of their land to pay for the lawyers fees. In the end the final verdict of the court was to cut down the tree, as it could not be decided on whose land it had grown.Moral of the story, its best to refrain from getting into petty arguments and fights,to save precious time, honour and money.