Of Jinns and Demons (Part 2)

In this era of turbulence and turmoil, Allah, the most Compassionate is still showing the power of the
Quran, dua, and the peacefulness that comes to those who cling to Him, calling Him and Him alone, for all their worries and hardships.

There was a family consisting of parents, three daughters, two sons, and their paternal grandmother. All was going well with the family. The eldest daughter was happily married, the two brothers were acquiring education. One got a job as soon as he got his degree, and joined a firm. The sister who was younger than the brothers, completed her Bachelors ,and started helping her mother in the kitchen. She also joined an insitution to learn cooking and dress making. The parents started looking for proposals for the elder son and the daughter. But strangely, where ever they went for the son, they were refused. Initially they paid no attention to the refusals, although among themselves, they used to wonder why this was happening. Their son had a pleasant personality, his job was good with a reasonable salary, and bright chances of promotion.

This scenario went on for months, the parents were at first bewildered, then worried and finally panicked. To make matters worse, the same situation befell the daughter, whoever came to their house for her hand, did not pursue the proposal, never approached them again.The daughter started looking gloomy and miserable, as time wore on, she one day said, that she would now not come in front of anyone.

A state of permanent despair overtook the entire household. To make matters worse, first the father lost his job, and then the son. The father got so depressed by these circumstances, that he actually tried to commit suicide. He was saved by his younger son who snatched away the sleeping pills from his hands, and rushed him to a hospital, where his stomach was washed,and by the Mercy of Allah, he returned home in a stable condition.

One evening,as the family was sitting around their father, he suddenly got up and started shouting at someone, asking him to go away and leave him alone. He abused, shouted and yelled, at some unseen person. After a while he started crying, then exhausted, fell on his bed and lay motionless. The whole family went in a deep shock, they did not know what to do. Quietly the younger son got up and went out of the house. When he returned, accompanying him was the father of one of his friend. The father was known in the neighbourhood for his piety and helping nature.

The pious man entered the father’s room along with the son, sat down besides him, asked a few questions, then fell silent. After a while he looked at the father, and informed him that a jinn had taken possession over him and had somehow entered his body. The scared father could not speak at all. The sons also looked lifeless, as though they would fall and faint. The father was the first to recover from his state of shock. As he regained some form of sanity, he related the events of the last months to the pious man. The rejection of proposals, the termination of jobs, the unknown depression and gloom in the house, and finally his mental condition, which had led to an attempted suicide.

The pious man heard the whole story to the end, then informed them that the situation in which they were in,was due to the mischief and satanism of the Jinn. But there was a sure remedy for its removal permanently. It was a bit time consuming and lengthy, but the only way out. He advised the father to recite the following very punctually and regularly every day.

  • Surah Baqarah Once.
  • Surah Falaq and Surah Naas 200 times.
  • Ayatul kursi 11 times after every salah.
  • Stay away from all Jinn Destroyers and Aamils.
  • Give Sadaqa.
  • Give Adhan in every room each morning and night.

The father was so terrified with what had happened, and the resultant effects on the whole family, that he thanked the pious person and promised to start immediately whatever he was told, how ever much time it took, and give sadaqa every morning. The agony through which the family had gone
was so terrifying that, as soon as the man departed the father got up, and started the recitals.

He did not miss the reading even for a single day. After a few days his wife joined him, and then his daughter. The jobless son also stepped forward, but he recited only ayatul kursi and the last two Surahs. After about three months, the family started receiving the rewards of their recitals. The father was one day called on his former job, and was reinstated with respect, the son found a new job. Four more months passed, Allah’s mercy poured heavily, the son and both the sisters got married. The entire family to this day is continuing with their recitals as much as they can, more humbly than ever before, with hearts filled with gratefulness to Allah.