Of Jinns and Demons (Part 1)

This truly unbelievable story has happened in this day and age. Some years back, a couple moved to a new city and a new house, as the husband was transferred there, through his job. As they settled in the house, the wife started getting a creepy and strange feeling as though someone was in the house, constantly staring at her. When the husband went to the office and the children to school, she would sometimes see shadows and strange figures. At first she thought she was hallucinating, but one day as she got up from the chair she was sitting on, and took a step forward to go to the kitchen, she stumbled as though someone had pushed her. As she turned around in bewilderment and fright, to see if there really was a presence in the room, to her horror and surprise, she actually saw a longish figure standing in the corner. Although in a state of shock, she started reciting Ayatul Kursi in a loud voice. She recited it once, twice, thrice and then carried on. At first nothing happened and the figure kept glued to the place, where it was. Then slowly, it started vanishing—vanishing into thin air.After a while it disappeared completely.

The lady was exhausted, she called her maid and asked her to bring a glass of water. The maid came with a glass of water and handed it to the lady. Although the lady took the glass in her hand, but it suddenly fell on the floor and shattered into pieces. It seemed as though someone or something had pushed the lady’s hand. The maid stared at her mistress in surprise. At first the lady did not say anything, then suddenly she moved forward and told the maid what had happened shortly before the water incidence. The maid at once said that her husband knew an Aamil ((magic and jinn remover), who dealt with such happenings, and if the lady wanted, the Aamil can come to the house and check it thoroughly. At first the lady was hesitant, but when the maid pleaded with her, she agreed on the condition of getting approval from her husband.

In the evening when the husband came back from work, the wife related the events of the day, and literally begged him to call the Aamil. The husband hesitated, as deep inside he was uncomfortable with the idea of calling any Aamil, but after a while he agreed saying that something would have to be done about the peculiar and frightening happenings.

Thus started a journey of Aamils, Jinn burners, black magic removers and evil spirits fighters. Dozens of Aamils came, blowed on water, asking the entire family to drink it, sprinkle it on each and every wall and corner of the house, then throw the rest in the pots of flowers. Black goat Sadaqas were given, not by themselves but through the Aamils. Talismans (taaweez) were acquired and dealt with, according to the instructions of Aamils who came to rescue them.

As the days progressed, surprisingly more and more atrocious and unlpeasnt events started happening. There were quarrels and fights amongst the family members, things just disappeared, and inspite of fervent hunting, were never found again. A nasty and unpleasant odour would suddenly erupt in the house, making everyone sick and nauseating. Money would just disappear from purses and wallets. The last nail in the coffin came, when a weeks grocery started vanishing in a couple of days.

The whole family was exhausted, they were bitter with each other, the husband starting thinking of quitting his job and vacating the house, the firm had provided. But this was not easy. One day a friend of his called him, and said as he was in the city for some work, he wanted to come and meet him. The invitation was instant and welcoming.

The reunion was a joy to the old friends. They were meeting after a lapse of many years. As they sat down comfortably, and started to talk about the old days, the friend sensed an unexplained misery in his buddy’s words and actions. He could sense that the host was jerky and nervous. As tea was served, and both of them were quietly sipping it. Very gently, the friend inquired if something was wrong. It seemed as though the host was waiting for this question. He blurted out the agonies, traumas, bitterness and griefs of the seemingly never-ending months. The friend listened silently, when the whole story came to an end, he patted his host on the shoulder and gave him an advice, or rather an order.

“Listen carefully to what I say, as we all know, there is an Ayat in the Holy Quran, which is called Ayatul Kursi, the verse of the Throne, the most magnificent Ayat of the Holy Quran, read it in hundreds, in thousands, every member of the family should recite it daily, as much as they can. 50 times, 100 times, 200 times, 500 times. You will see the miracle of it with you own eyes”.

The friend left, leaving his host lost in thoughts. Luckily the thoughts did not drift away. The host took his friend’s words seriously. He called his family in the living room, and informed them about his friend’s advice. His wife was so overwhelmed with the words “Verse of the Throne” that she immediately told everyone to go and perform wudhu (ablution), offer two rakaats nafil, and start reciting Ayatul Kursi. Everyday the lady would recite ayatul Kursi in a loud voice while doing the routine household chores. 100, 200, 500 times she did not count. She went from room to room, in and out corridors, up and down stairs, her recital would not stop.

In the afternoons, after the children came from school, ate lunch and rested, they would all sit down and recite ayatul kursi as much as they could. This was repeated after the husband returned home from office, and the children had completed their homework. Weeks passed, the routine went smoothly, the shadows started disappearing, weird incidences stopped. The fights and the quarrels came to an end.

There sure were the normal family squibs, but not the serious wars. There came a stage when a serenity and peacefulness surrounded the entire house. The blessings of Allah began to shower on the family. They became very punctual in their salah, tilawat (recitation of the Holy Quran) and tasbeeh. Pictures were removed from the house and last but not the least, the TV was thrown away in the garbage.

Ayatul Kursi , the verse of the Throne, what a magnificent ayat of the Majestic Quran.