Heart to Heart

Sometimes our lives get shattered because we occupy our minds with negative thoughts. We eye everyone with suspicion, and get suspicious over each and every word we hear from anyone including friends and family. We derive unpleasant meanings from the simplest of conversations and then keep them in our hearts, unknowingly we start bearing grudges against the unaware person. Our attitude towards people change and we become hostile towards them. Thus making ourselves and others around us miserable.

A postive approach on the other hand always helps one in winning over people and getting their confidence to the extent that they unhesitatingly come to us when ever they are in any difficulty or facing sorrow and grief. But how can we change our thinking and approach from pessimism to optimism and become one to whom people can come to in troubled times.

There are some affirmations keeping in mind and following them, will inshaAllah help us in thinking and acting positively towards others. We should always focus first on ourselves and our attitudes before dealing with others. So firstly and foremostly we should make these golden points a part of our lives by doing these things, and pledging that,

  • I will always deal with any adverse situation which befalls me by turning to Allah and face it with patience and Salah.
  • I will inshaAllah from now onwards focus on the good qualities in everyone.
  • I will seek pardon from whoever I hurt and was unpleasant to.
  • I will inshaAllah try to forget all the bad things and adverse situations.
  • I will with Allah’s help inshaAllah control myself by thinking negatively about anyone.
  • I will try my best to remain calm in stressful conditions and turn to Allah for guidance.

By trying to adhere and act on these priceless lines of wisdom, will inshaAllah change our lives for the better.