And I hurried to you my Lord. (Surah Taa-Haa)

A Quran teacher always advised her students to live by this Ayat of the Holy Quran,
“And I hurried to you my Lord,so that you’ll be pleased with me”.(Taa Haa 20:84)
“This Ayat moves and motivates me the most”,
She would tell them.
“When ever I hear the Adhan, however much am I occupied, I always remind myself of these words of my Allah, and hurry to meet him in salah”.

“When my alarm starts ringing for Fajr salah, and I want to turn over and go to sleep again, these words come to my mind, then immediately I get up ,and stand before him.

One day, the teacher’s husband called her from his office, and asked her to prepare his favorite dish of fried fish with baked potatoes and cucumber salad. He told her that he would be home earlier then usual, so she should have the meal ready before he reaches home. Putting down the phone, happily the teacher started preparing the dish. She marinated the fish, baked the potatoes and made salad. She then laid the table and started to heat oil for frying the fish. As she lit the stove, there came the sound of Adhan, the Muazzuin, calling the faithful for salah.

Allah ho Akber
Allah ho Akber
Allah is Great
Allah is Great
As these words fell in her ears, she turned the knob of the ignited burner to put off the flame, and went to the living room to say her Maghrib salah. At that very instant, the husband arrived home. He parked his car in the garage, locked the gate, and with his key opened the main door to enter the house. Once inside, he went straight to the kitchen expecting the dinner on the table. There was no one in the kitchen, and the fish not fried. A bit upset, he walked to the living room, and found his wife on the prayer mat.
“Her sajadah (sujood) will be a lenghty one as usual”,
He muttered to himself as he looked at his wife, prostrating before her Lord, in sajadah. He went on looking at her, almost five minutes passed, but she still did not lift her head. Alarmed by her posture, the husband stepped forward and gently tapped her on the back, the wife did not move, she just dropped on one side.The husband at once knew that his wife had met her Lord.

“And I hurried to meet you my Lord, so that you You’ll be pleased with me”.

As his wife’s often repeated words rang in his ears, tears started running down his cheeks. He looked at his wife’s face sadly, it was serene and peaceful. Some thing happened to his heart, what? he could not define it, he thought for a moment, then said in a whisper,
“She really did hurry to meet you my Lord, and you most certainly must be pleased with her. Had she
waited to finish the cooking, she would have met her end in the kitchen, but as she hurried, she met
You, my Lord in a posture she loved most”.