About us

When Namrood lit up a ferocious fire to burn alive Prophet Ibraheem (A.S), a small bird took a few drops of water in its beak and flew to the spot, in order to drop it on the burning flames, hoping to extinguish them. Seeing this tiny creature flying so hurriedly and agitatedly, someone asked:

“O! Little birdie where are you heading?”
The bird replied, “to put off Namrood’s fire.”
The person asked, “O foolish little bird, can two or three drops of water which are in your beak, extinguish the soaring flames?”

The bird said: “I know that this action of mine will have no effect on the fire, but when a list will be made, containing the names of the people who tried to help in putting off Namrood’s fire, my name will be there.”

In the same manner, BLOSSOMS, a fresh new family magazine on the internet is going to try its best to extinguish and solve the spiritual, mental and physical problems faced by the families of the Ummah today, through its engrossing and practical articles and write-ups, in the light of the Quran, Sunnah and the methodology of our pious predecessors, and gets its name written in the list of the people who tried.

Every month BLOSSOMS will give you knowledge, solutions, values, health, smiles and remedies, which will make your life InshaAllah serene in today’s traumatic world by its innovative and thought provoking writings. Blossoms will also publish fascinating and unique writings, articles, anecdotes and experiences of readers which will be sent to us as a feedback.