A brother like that

It once happened, that a young man was given a brand new car as an Eid present by his elder brother.On Eid day, as the young man came out of his house, to drive the car around the neighbourhood, he saw a teenager going round his car, as though admiring it. As the teenager heard the footsteps of the approaching young man, he turned around,
“Is this your car sir?”
He asked politely.
“Yes it is, my brother has given it to me as an Eid gift.”
The young man said proudly.
The teenager was astonished.
“You mean your brother gave it to you for free? It did’nt cost you anything? Boy, I wish———–.”
The lad did not complete his sentence. He fell silent. The young man knew what he was going to wish for.He was going to wish that he had a brother like that. But to his utter surprise the teenager held his hand for a moment and said almost in a whisper,
“I wish I could be a brother like that”.
On hearing these words, tears came in the young man’s eyes, without a thought he said to the teenager,
“Would you like a ride in my car”.
The lad was delighted,
“Sure I would”.
The teenager climbed in the car and the young man started to drive around the neighbour. They had only gone a short distant, when the teenager turned to the young man and said,
“Can you go down the next lane and stop at the house with two steps”.
The young man smiled to himself, and thought that now the lad wanted to show to his neighbours that he had a friend with a brand new car. As he neared the house with the two steps, the teenager suddenly said,
“Stop here sir, I’ll be back in a minute”.

The lad jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped, ran up the two steps, and was back in no time. The young man looked at the approaching lad and was shocked. The teenager was carrying a small crippled boy in his arms.
“There it is little brother, the brand new car. Is’nt it exactly like the way I told you in the room”.
The young man heard the teenager telling this to his brother, as they stood near the steps looking at the car.
“Beautiful is the word for it, and some day I am going to give you a car just like this as a gift on Eid. Then we will go to the town together, and you can see all the pretty things in the shop windows yourself”.

Some thing snapped inside the young man’s heart, as the last words fell on his ears. He got out of the car,went up to the lad and lifted the little boy from his arms, only to seat him on the seat next to his.The shinning eyed teenager climbed besides the little brother, and the three of them set out for the most joyous and memorable ride of their lives.

That Eid the young man learned what Rasoolallah (PBUH) meant when He (PBUH) had said,
“Love for your brother, what you love for yourself”.